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Absent-minded how to up the site’s date. But absinthe makes heart go fondler. We are in Japan now, coming up two new gigs and more in boils. Check the sidebar, if I am not there it is no sense, I am always in the bar. I will special shows for you and Tokyo. XX Aitelya


Colonel Panic

Our astronomical video for number Colonel Panic is about now. Please eavesdrop it, do you adore the action? The latex fits like a rubber.


Aitelya is freshly attend avant gala Australian Art Music Awards, in nominated category her Experimental Excellence. This because Actual Russian Brides is head catalogued a claimed compilation Intone – Voice Abstractions on Clan Analogue label. So, posh and glamour.

High note worthy were cow d’oeuvres and Champagne from Italy. We can tell wagyu aberration is appetising, jazz up yours swinging hip slider. Chosen mini frock is just a fascinator. Many accomplishes and associates abundant have drunken among, include man from Odessa what a shocker. Exchange rate of cards was a droit, all ordinaries was out on street as belonged.

But not acquire atrophy. Even out fitted, Actual Russian Brides was not prosperous as Putin in the Ritz with very much Ballroom. Man spread of a fluent by stimulating Waleed Aly, but aimed away from first place by Speak Percussion, like concert of exciting pots and pans afflicting and frozen in spot rhythmic gym. Many hats off to these bespectacling artistes, I wonder you can bash symbols on up and coming Siberian holiday.

End report: Australian Art Music Awards, Melbourne, Plaza Ballroom, 16 August 2016, by Aitelya Bebietsova


Hot Yoga

Aerated acknowledgements to actual Russian isometrics.

On the beat

So, new EP is a portioning fans one flank or a nother. My title is touchy feelings. Personally I think me winning is nice topic. One day I would like to be Olympic assailant, maybe WWF. My sisters are good gymnast, with balls and stick so rhythmic, you should see.

This amusing is a locating Utility Fog blog: 

Also out now from Clan Analogue is a new EP from Actual Russian Brides, 3 years after their debut album. Elle Knox’s performance art belies the fact that she’s actually a beautiful singer when she wants to be (cf the last track I played), and behind the relentless puns and slightly-bad-taste jokes (I’ll leave the analysis to you, dear reader) are some touching themes and beautiful music. Really, I’m very excited that there’s a new release from this duo, and equally excited to be able to revisit their 2010 album. Highly recommended, both.

I am absolute the fanstasic Mr Fog means 3 months. My crows are certainly without feet, I a sure thing. I lose track of time often being in the flat and putting out regularly is so important and why would we await 3 years to avalanche anew album? I say roll your own.

Next, I attune Mr Fog does not appellation Wife Beats because squeamish but I adore to have my area under discussion and you can see how I fetch it a round. Artwork is artistic. I am OK, it is make up.

Out now on iTunes

happening now on iTunes

About photos bomb Pyramids

Moscovian Mister Marat ambitions to ape American he sees pulling off feet on Facebook. Mister Marat’s internet diary tells he is always open to dating, easygoing and happy to frenzhu people. I accredit him very attracting top pranking officer. Mister Marat I have statute of liberty to translate blog adjectively for you. 

MM: I was still in Moscow started all carefully planned.

Mister Marat wants to climb the Pyramids so he bones up a shape, how to get to the top, pointy bit pointing up, steppes is probably practical. Later we get wind of he apparels light hipster blouse for five degrees aggregate nightwatch. He is not actually adroit architect of stalk. Oh well, a head. He affords visa, associates, actions to Egypt.

MM: Not having to get out of the car, we were immediately swarmed harassing Arabs who then offered to horses, who then-camels. Horror, as they have got!

Ubanov and me, when camels have threatened to put asunder, he has got his leg over and showed them horror. But Mister Marat is not know-how, having no Russian bride to inspire in him terror and harassment, as shown by his open date. I hope for him one day he feels this swarmth.

MM: Up to 16 hours was less than 10 minutes, and we began to implement his plan. Not far from the tomb of Cheops, in which we cuckoo into the night.

Abiding their time while whiling, three young men counting Mister Marat avail portable handheld devices to signal each other by watching movies and listening electropop sound track of lost time. This comprehensible because alternative escapism is unlikely to boot.

MM: If we run into the desert, jackals who do not mind to arrange a breakfast tourist — alone stone blocks are very wobbly, and if stumble, it would have to fall to the very bottom of the pyramid, and a guaranteed death.

Avanti andiamo.

MM: One in the morning shot! It’s time to climb. We silently began to pack and get ready for the ascent. The words were superfluous here, we were very tense, nervous system was on the verge of failure, heart pounding: to begin. Rapidly we reached the pyramids, hid behind a rock, waited until we pass by a guard, and started climbing. Yes, units climb is not easy, but we were prepared for any difficulties. Then the incredible happens: prayer begins at Giza, and the whole city is immersed in the roar and howl. It seemed that it was not a prayer, and the cries of the dead. Imagine that such cries echoed everywhere. It was creepy.

I am very failure at the thought of it. Probably at this point I am jackal brunch. But at least audible atmospheric is drowned out the iPod.

MM: I’ll tell you that not everything went so smoothly and we still suck, but finished well.

Coming on the point, is it OK to ascend actual wonder and abrasion antiquity? Your chafing is a bit of a grind. This pyramid was lonely. I think prudish calm down, if she has one visitor, or this Russian threesome one time, does not mean she spends each night all and sundry. So her pretty parts will not be eroded soon, she can linger a pealing from a distance, like the Pharoah’s prayer. But I am happy her naughty shots with Mister Marat is on the internet, for me to watch.

image credit: Mister Marat

image credit: Mister Marat

Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot!

In soon I will have arrange to appendage this nub but anticipating achievable I am attire baclava and having jam in church.

Free Pussy Riot!