I must advise you about the instant I almost killed Ubanov. It was my luggage just but I am awfully ashamed. I am not for ascending devices, let alone going down in train stations. He was middle pointy on the tall moving stair, while I was behind dragging my heavy holdall. I have panicked at the top. It is weight more than I. Not so as to be squashed, I pushed it on the top step, which was quickly the second then the third step. I don’t know why I let go.

“Ubanov Esbanov!” I cried. “Aitelya Bebietsova!” he yelled, as the ton of black suitcase bounced down at his head. He could not run, there were rubber banisters. His own case with the Roland was before him. His life was before my eyes. It was handsome, not advantageous. He has pushed him flat against the side, and the case has passed him at 100 milesperhour, and bang on the platform. Except for broken arm almost, he has forgiven me and laughed.