Ubanov is here! I am happy. He has jetlagging and snores accordingly in that other room. We have taken half a flat in Bondi from a camera-professional, Paul. It will be lovely and has no lease. This means we can any time be on the road, though there is no road to anywhere from Australia that does not just arrive in Australia again. Sometimes you can get anxiety from this. I will walk on the beach, stare at aeroplanes and sigh. What they do here is, they take off the stilettos and swing them from the hand.

Ubanov has not asked Paul whether he will be wanting a bride. I think he is waiting, perhaps for the first tango night at the flat. I am hopes that Paul does not want a bride, so that we will advance as we are. We have twelve songs to mix, and some deals definitely almost. Yuri lives in Bondi and there is much to acquire from by being Yuri’s friend. The sun is making me sleepy.

Though he is my half-brother, Ubanov snores so louder than I. I am told, I snore a little, but that it is adorable. This is from a very unfathomable source. I will catch a nap, and write to you again soon,

Aitelya x