We made an eleven minute film that will be shown at St Kilda Film Festival in Australia’s Top 100. It is of me getting a tattoo. So I need new dresses to show it off. Many, many new dresses and perhaps a hat. If only I had a loose-fisted suitor to buy them for me. You can contact me through myspace.

Knowing I should look nice in Melbourne, I answered an advertising to be a hair model, so they would cut and paint my hair which is long now—and they turned me down! I am too old! I didn’t read you had to be a teenager! How insensible. This is not as strange on the other hand as my friend Nancy whose new stylist told her she would emit transferred energy in wind. This lady burped loudly while she afflicted Nancy’s red hair. Perhaps I will go to this lady instead. Only if we will make a film of it.