Again, I am being hunted by scouts. This message I had today:

You are being considered for audition for a role in UK, all expenses will be covered by us and we need you to kindly send your resume/photo for an upcoming “TV REALITY SHOW”! Experience is a plus but not required.

Even if I am not a professional actor/model but still have interest do apply I am told. This is good because I am not a professional actor/model: I am a singer in an electro pop experimental band. But that is almost adequate, and I have had my head shot. I am all at sea why for wilkenbrunnagency is a post office box not acceptable.

First name: Aitelya
Last name: Bebietsova
Address Line 1 (PO Box Not Acceptable): Unit 4
Marital Status: Ready
Home Phone: None
Cell Phone: None