So. My country is buying weapons for the Venezuelans. Again, ordinary people are afraid, while war is applicable. Will they bomb the Columbians? Will the Columbians notice?

Also in Russia, there are new restrictions for buying beer! This because we are drunks, but life is very hard in Russia, drinking is laughing. Russian men are very apt with alcohol, and this makes affinity alarming. Perhaps the Russian women only, can buy beer now. Do you think Mr Putin has placed this rule?

It is so lucky how Australia in Bondi, there is plenty beer. Last night I had a fat yak.

I was thinking, I am not good always on reading, actually maybe the restrictions are for buying a bear. This would be very good affair for Russia, I think also for the bears. You see, Ubanov wants to sell me, but only for very good price. He says no right price enough has come, that is why he has me around. Also for the band maybe. Also actually maybe he likes me, and the iron.

There is such allotment is never certain…