Business is slow. We are so very close to actualizing inaugural album but not ready and this is a pain. Also I am not getting any younger, and no admirers attend mostly. So I will advocate this book to you, even though maybe something old fashioned actually maybe author is a dork.

It is baptized Russian Bride Guide, and looks like this on the cover.

Obviously they are copying our band photoshoot in Paris and this actually is illegal. I have sent notice to Tom from myspace but he has not yet respond. I let you know what goes down.

What Mr Smith the author says is true: you need to start your journey from a sound base of actual up-to-date facts and current information. That is why I keep a blog. I am actual Russian bride. I will additive my two roubles:

What he says under the covers is not ALWAYS true—see, I am a looker and thinker too! In stance:
Every man wants a beautiful wife! It’s not a crime (like the politically correct feminists will have you believe), to want a slim, good wife. Why should you settle for a fat, lazy, chain-smoking American or Western European woman, when you can get the knowledge you need right here to meet, court and marry a slim, beautiful, educated Slavic woman?

Well, Mr Smith married to Olga,

1. Not all men wants a beautiful wife. My girlfriends in Sydney and in Berlin are beautiful, but their actual boyfriends survive hints, as me advancing wedding gowns, offering to play gig at wedding. Why I do not know. We need gigs so badly.

2. My own mother is fat lazy chain-smoking Soviet woman, that is why I am out no good whore. Be assiduous, that you view the rose through world-colored webcams.

3. It is actually a crime still in Russia and I think most places to want a slim, good wife if you are married already (as my poor father), or if you are beneath twelve years, or if you are a woman, or a man who has been operated to be a woman. That is a lot of people. I think maybe seventy seven percent. So this wanting can accomplice adulterous murder or taking of too many beautiful educated Russian women and chaining them in the basement.

Last and not least amount:
A beautiful, slim, good-hearted, docile, non-feminist woman as a wife is just a dream for most men. How hard is it to marry one from your country? One who doesn’t think she is god’s gift? One a few years younger than you? Very difficult. Most men looking abroad are hoping to meet a younger woman. The dynamics here are quite complicated but are explained to you in detail in Chapter Four.

I can explain them now. If you are older, you were born before the other person. It doesn’t matter what countryman you are astride, although in the Greenwich Meantime aberrants can be aroused. Also if you are born February 29 you are perfect Russian bride, so young, one birthday every 4 years.

Mr Smith is a trifle out to lunch. But he wrote a book, and accomplished literature is lovely.