I read somewhere, once it was, oh yes Flight of the Conchords website: when a band has nothing to do the website is up the date, and when oodles is the agenda no one attends to online aura any more. I think this is true. A lot of life is like Flight of the Conchords, you think also? Every day a new article. Amazing!

So anyway I am having been too busy to write Actual Russian Blog, and must affirmly apologize. We have album finished, it is called Miss Sled. I am to buy a sled in Berlin in March, to appear on the cover. I have yellow lycra body suit authentic from my sister’s winter olympic Skeleton push, poor dear girl, not many short term memories left. Life is like a bumpy ride, just ask Jemaine about that.

Now who will label us? We are attentive. Where is this avant garden? Who is agreeable to take the slide with Miss Sled, and put us to the stores? We are two girls, one a boy, looking for perfect match record deal. And love, if it is additive approach.