photo: James Fisher

We additionally have considered a lot of options, including Scottish folk.

This is accurate photo of me in advancing music video, as you see I am very Scottish folk. I mistake even Scottish folk can be so Scottish folk as me in above epitome. Even I collapsed because my skin did not breathe, because hard yards of tartan is so long to applicate.

You may astonish, can the Scottish skin really so artistic? Why do these squares arise? Last summer I had suntan shapes. Even I detached my little bikini, really it looked I not with standing had bikini suit always on. With luck, this was hot in the city. This affair is afflicting by and large Bondi folk because Bondi is in the O zone. What zone is in Scotland? I will go to Edinburgh festival to see. Of course, they may abomination my able body painting.

But you can guess about who I actually am talking.

These Russian figure skaters Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin have unavailed the style choices that make Australian Aboriginal ache. So, what have they been until now? Well, also being Harlem Nocturne. I have sing this lovely American African song too. Here in the heart of Harlem. Once I went to Harlem, but I did not work out. Also being Brazilian and doing Argentinean tango. Is it dicey that ice dancing on such a melting pot? I guess maybe, please be kind, but we Russians are behind. And whether actually I am not so Russian, you can guess Ubanov is behind me.

Albeit, if you ask Aitelya Bebietsova. I think actual problematical is Australian and Bondi folk will not give the land back to Aboriginal folk. If every body else moves out of Australia, back to Scotland and United Kingdom and I hear Georgia is nice in the spring too, then Aboriginal folk will not be so sad about every thing is stolen and ununderstood and held up like happy flags. They will be laugh it off. It is awkward laugh it offing when you are absolutely antagonized. So, and to practise my routine, Ubanov and I will move to Edinburgh even they call me haggis little tart.