…do you think maybe, if there is the Apocalypso, and an advanced ark alike the movie 2012, all the members of beautifulpeople.com only are allowable animals? It is plans for new planet apparently, everywhere very good jeans, with inside a lot of Swedish seamen and beautiful Brazilians. I may be edgy. Russian women 44% acceptance rate to ark, Norwegian women 76%. But a titanic bonus: Russian and Polish men are even less than British. This is not racist or sexist, because no Polish women either. Too ugly.

How it works: if you are normal looking person, you are rejected millions of people, although maybe not to fall into a crack or melt by volcano or get a building on your head.

These beautiful people can say Yes Definitely, Hmm, OK, Hmm, No, Not Really, or No, You Look Like Mountain Moose. These are all what beautiful people can say, but no problem because on new planet we will attract by being attractive. This is so simple I amaze I even thought of it.

Also I saw Bright Star, “beauty is truth, truth beauty” said the dorky diseased boy. Apropos he died horribly in Italy. Actually, even John Cusack will still need to battle up rear passages if he wants to get it on board.