OK here in the down under they have chosen their Miss Universe contestant. Her name is Jesinta Campbell and she has won a year’s supply of shoes.

I astound: What is a year’s supply of shoes?

One for everyday? Naturally I have in mind two, unless you are amputee – almost certainly Ms Alternate Universe is actual amputee.

So, associated two shoes assumed, 365 times, and after you wear accumulate all oust the window! Keep them coming, sure thing shoes.

Authentic additive footwears per annum, I don’t know if I ever accounted. I am not so shoddy, maybe I have eighteen shoes. This apparently is apprehending adversity in changing attire.

But it is pageant of the modern world, so next is how to demand this year’s supply:
Add what you will do and what the surfaces are, how much dancing, how much red wine spilling, walking into the sea, how much accidental arriving with one shoe (apart of aforetold amputee), how much heel stuck in gutter, number of accrued shoes by throwing at your head and gold stiletto trophy awarding, also wearing of your brother’s slippers until they are yours by law. Add thirty four. This is a year’s supply.

Albeit, algebra is arduous. I would rather be adorable lady in The Saddest Music in the World, who has no need for shoes, as absolutely amputated she has the high-heeled glass legs full of cold beer. Or I will be Miss Sled, who has one pair of shoes and a year’s supply of cool.

Come again?

Aitelya Bebietsova  xx