There is interesting between Australia’s new Prime Minister and M.I.A Born Free. It is wonderful to have leading lady, with auburn collar and cuffs, but she demonstrates already her authentic head.

In Ausland, she does not want added auslanders. And articulates on TV “not a big Australia, a sustainable Australia”. Meanly, no more boating ladies and gentlemens, no more Africans, no more Afghanis and Russkis and Azerbaijanis and anyone a little like an Ovaltini.

And so, M.I.A video shoots all ginger tinges. Watch out Julia, and you Pauline, just the way gaga ladies are stoned, redheads are blow dried up. Appallingly, you are winners of your sex but you cheat in the race. What is a typical?

Oh I aspire like pop princess you are actual irony woman.