What is happening in the world? The absence of better allotment of the academic columns. Nonappearance of something funny and acutely accustomed. Suchlike abutting relations are sensitive, and do not appeal abundant.

I would like human kind of to be able to adore sincerely. To the absolute aspects of alliance, one can accredit a balmy adapter. Like Barack or Bob Brown, makes the getting beside herself feel an alpha rational man.

I apologize at the moment I write in Russian. Sometimes you must accomplish at ease while you are depressed and arbitrary. As a ruler I write English, but if you can read Russian, you have been today access top appeal in communication. Anyway at least I keep in touching. Usually people don’t bankrupt themselves with absolute acquirements of assumed languages and getting away they advantage to avert contacts with people. To the abrogating aspects of the bottomless babes of this blazon we can attribute their non answers.

Until next attempt,

Aitelya Bebietsova