Oh I am awayward girl. I did not advertant this accident but it looks all the same bad: I have smuggled a large knife aboard two airplanes in bag labeled Actual Russian: my ambition of ambassadorial auditions is laying on a line. What I can argue: I am all-told a terror like my used mother has always say.

All who acquaint our show will be back me up: in spooky tune called This Haus I play along alarming knife as music instrumental. It is for slicing across finger symbols. It is a lovely ding. It was perfect knife with bone to handle, pretty point and slender angry blade.

This fussy man at Swiss customs looked me Xray-wise, how I brought this weapon in hand bag all the way from Australia via King Kong, and now want to attack European Union. Why is there 20 inch knife in actual Russian attaché? he asked. I am on a tour, I applied. I have my cloak and dagger. He took the knife away. He has angst in his eyes. If there is now bloodbath in Zurich, I am not very responsible.