To the ladies of the FBI.

Open notelet.

Why you are sounding always as on approach of laughter. Why you are cracking up yourself. Why all lady announcers use same voice of ingratiating clown, you infantilize your lady boxes this amateur voicing. You act less experience and assure than all boy announcers, and so abuse all girls who attend utterly airwaves. You are your own jokey butt.

Please stop, I afeard can not heard it any longer. It is radio turn off.

I believe from listening you are copy Ms Anna Burns. Ms Anna, augural FBI lady to apply always amused attitude, kind of tickle voice, is actually sexy. You can not all be a Anna. Also this makes Anna awful, besieged in mounting muster of toady fawns. Maybe Mr Burns find cosy up tones appealing, this not your business or attractiveness what turn on Mr Burns, he does not work for you.

Avail us actual accent with out put on a lure. Talk normal.