“I think music is like having a wife,” she tells me in closing, attempting to summarize the past two hours. “If you stop wanting her, I think it’s better to say ‘Honey, I don’t like you any more—why don’t we just find a solution?’ What I’m saying is, everything should be done with…not passion maybe, but you have to feel what you do, and if you don’t feel what you do, you have to find a way to get it back.”

Above is interview with Nina Kraviz. I am not ardent arbiter, I am a praising after a fact. This Nina is actual advanced DJ, also excellent Russian lady. But she may hap appears ear marked. Seems she very active in analysis, probably already in therapy. Over here they say Relationships Australia. This agency like Alcoholic Synonymous fix your life when wife is not doing what she is told. You say there “Honey, I don’t like you any more” and armchairman will make her see why and let you feel her.

Nina is in personal problems with Music. Maybe Lenny was mean when she was a baby.