So, new EP is a portioning fans one flank or a nother. My title is touchy feelings. Personally I think me winning is nice topic. One day I would like to be Olympic assailant, maybe WWF. My sisters are good gymnast, with balls and stick so rhythmic, you should see.

This amusing is a locating Utility Fog blog: 

Also out now from Clan Analogue is a new EP from Actual Russian Brides, 3 years after their debut album. Elle Knox’s performance art belies the fact that she’s actually a beautiful singer when she wants to be (cf the last track I played), and behind the relentless puns and slightly-bad-taste jokes (I’ll leave the analysis to you, dear reader) are some touching themes and beautiful music. Really, I’m very excited that there’s a new release from this duo, and equally excited to be able to revisit their 2010 album. Highly recommended, both.

I am absolute the fanstasic Mr Fog means 3 months. My crows are certainly without feet, I a sure thing. I lose track of time often being in the flat and putting out regularly is so important and why would we await 3 years to avalanche anew album? I say roll your own.

Next, I attune Mr Fog does not appellation Wife Beats because squeamish but I adore to have my area under discussion and you can see how I fetch it a round. Artwork is artistic. I am OK, it is make up.

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happening now on iTunes