Feedback loop

Today I am accepting this nice advice affecting from my announcing.

I had been honored to get a call from a friend immediately he identified the recommendations shared in your site. Your blog posting is a real amazing experience. Thanks again for considering readers just like me, and I wish you the best of success being a professional topic.

Alternately I have been a professional widget and do dad, attendant artiste, barhopper, danceuse, diseuse, strumpet player and Elvira wife of shoes.

But now I have befallen a topic! Marking my autonomatopoeia from madams and adam’s apples, I bestow life sentences at the generalised public. What my worldy wisdom can catch in the net.

It is alluring to say amazing but this nowadays dirty loose hussy word with no hymen. I know all about thesaurus that is computerised and stops at letter A. This is how I was named, Aitelya.

But I blossom to double A and now only a bout of etymology away from professional professor. I can be topically applied.


Tipsy season

So closing stage of the Switch and also annum. Some very amorous and blotto natives are in the city at night and a lot have arrived at our shows, which is me as promoter achieving multiactual digital penetration. I am all embracing and rewarding. Next bash 9 of clock Thursday, Low Bar so be careful of aimless accident and make sure you are adulterated. XX AB

Couch music

“I think music is like having a wife,” she tells me in closing, attempting to summarize the past two hours. “If you stop wanting her, I think it’s better to say ‘Honey, I don’t like you any more—why don’t we just find a solution?’ What I’m saying is, everything should be done with…not passion maybe, but you have to feel what you do, and if you don’t feel what you do, you have to find a way to get it back.”

Above is interview with Nina Kraviz. I am not ardent arbiter, I am a praising after a fact. This Nina is actual advanced DJ, also excellent Russian lady. But she may hap appears ear marked. Seems she very active in analysis, probably already in therapy. Over here they say Relationships Australia. This agency like Alcoholic Synonymous fix your life when wife is not doing what she is told. You say there “Honey, I don’t like you any more” and armchairman will make her see why and let you feel her.

Nina is in personal problems with Music. Maybe Lenny was mean when she was a baby.

Everyone is married except me

I am altogether a part. My humps are too dry though I am beautified by emphatic drainage. So see you at Thursday Switch and maybe you will get to my bottom of it. I am manageress marriageable, master card player, hot pop tart, express to America, visa is the ticket.

xx Aitelya Bebietsova

Switch sexy

People are saying our switch looks like sextoy. I am adore DJ Sextoy, dead impressive, I wish one day she will come at Thursday Switch.

Actual Russian Brides residency at Low302

I believe the children are our future

Above the head this loopy tape I, Aitelya, acclaim personal question is: Should revolution be teach in schools? My answer yes definitely. Why? I am wearing beauty sash in this house, says Miss Sled. This is why.

If whole some children a quaint revolution, there will be a lot changing of the government, and all agreed change is like holiday, and more holidays is all ways nice.

Or could say more holiday amounts lazy nation and fat officials and no product, although these also ends up bread rations and revolution, so go and figure out. Revolution is viscous circle. In a tacky abyss, swallow every time.

Revolution in Russia was this rational and abysmal. But when school children accrue, will go easy. Insurgents advise, what would Miss Fedorova right on attest? How she make bombs for lower classes? What aimed at upper class manifesto? Societies will benefit. No go to grounding in the dark cellar, with damp pamphlets, or on internet with dark horses. Out and the open, polish off an upper crust.

Maybe is abnormal in school uprising teachers to be a ruler. How to handlebar such revolting youth? But all can be worked out with big state allowance, remote triggers and aversion therapy to lady creationists who anyway will die in the revolutions, because they are stupid and awful at running.

Monogamy is awkward

So much love is on the air this week.

I have watched The Bigamist Bride on television. Poor Emily, always her marriage not work out and next day she attest again. All you who are attempting divorce from anxious man will a quaint at times is not achievable. All you need is love, she is not bothered a bout of hating his parts, she is moving on up. She is like me, fan of conjugation, alert to have a crack.

I am a gape, if Emily is Don Draper on Mad Men, then she is super cool. No one is agonized she has spouses in houses. Poor Don he looks sad. He should marry both ladies and blow off some self esteem. Now he eyes on and lays other ladies. Hot. Emily, darling, burn in hell.

Bring me to this. Are you unquestion is not glamour photoshoot? Anyway she looks very lovely in suicide. It gives me ideas. Also her house appears as Russia, because collectivist tiles like attractive bathroom is alfresco of building.